The Rules:

#1 rule

Take care yourself.  No one is going to do it for you and if you don’t do it you can’t take care yourself.  Physical / Mental / Spiritual – Balance…exercise your body, mind, spirit – equally.

#2 rule

Take care your love ones.  Need to do #1 rule to do #2 rule.

Effective Timely Communication

Effective, make sure the person(s) you are communicating to understand your message – no sense communicate a message that your audience does not understand. Timely, make sure that your message gets to person(s) when it is needed, not after it is needed.  Communication = Message, make sure it is understandable and concise.


Is a commodity, that you cannot make more off.  Therefore, don’t waste it, by making careless mistakes.  Mistakes cost time, so never assume and always ask questions regarding the task at hand.   “There are no Stupid Questions – Only Stupid Answers:”  - So always ask…


We are a team, always play your position (job) first, then help your teammates (co-workers). There are no “I’s” in team (company) and only teammates (co-workers) here – no individuals (primadonna).  They are all kicked off the team (company).

Fair, Honest, Reliable, & Consistent

Fair and Honest to yourself, don’t lie to yourself or cheat yourself as to how you are doing accordance to standards and rules.  Reliable and Consistent to others, make sure “You do as you say” to those that count on you and can count on you regularly.

Common Courtesy

Do to others as you would like others to do to you.  Leave things as you found them or in better condition.  Push in your chair, look at the person when being spoke too,…… The words, “Please, Thank you, Good Morning, Good Evening” are important.


“Keep It Simple Stupid & Just Do It”.  Life is already difficult, keep things simple and just do it.

Only Doing or Not Doing

There is only “Doing” or “Not Doing” the task.  There is nothing in between Doing or Not Doing……

The $2 Trillion ($2,000,000,000.00)COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

“CARES Act”, was passed by U.S. lawmakers with little fanfare.  The act became the largest economic stimulus bill in modern history, more than doubling the stimulus act passed in 2009 during the Financial Crisis.   Below is a brief summary where the funds will be distributed too:

Total Amount
Share of the Package
$603.7 billion
Big Business
$500.0 billion
Small Business
$377.0 billion
State & Local Gov’t
$340.0 billion
Public Services
$179.5 billion

Coronavirus checks

“CARES Act”, was passed by U.S. lawmakers with little fanfare.  The act became the largest economic stimulus bill in modern history, more than If you made less than $75,000.00, you will be eligible for a payment of $1,200.00, couples $2,400.00.  Dependents $500.00.   The federal government says within 3 weeks payments should go out and based on your 2018 tax returns.  If you did not file taxes for 2018, there will be a “public awareness campaign” to collect your information. There is No Sign Up.  Payments will either be sent direct deposit (if you received your tax refund direct deposit) or last known address.  If you received Social Security or didn’t make enough to file a tax return – you are eligible to received checks.

Small Business Owners – COVID-19

There are several business relief options;   Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Loan Advance,  SBA Debt Relief, and SBA Express Bridge Loans.  Under the US Small Business Administration there is Guidance for Businesses and Employers and Local Assistance.